Reservation Policy

  1. We welcome only nature appreciating & peace loving human beings.
  2. We observe silence after 10 pm. There are villagers nearby who sleep very early and sound travels in these silent valleys very swiftly. Anyone who does not respect this custom will be asked to leave there & then, very respectfully of course.
  3. Identification is to be provided by all our guests at the time of check - in.
  4. Cancellation Policy - The rooms are to be paid for in full amount at the time of check in (walk - in customers). This payment will be non-refundable under any circumstance whatsoever. For online customers, once a booking is made - 100% amount will be charged if canceled within 30 days of check - in date. Any cancellations prior to 30 days of check-in 20% amount will be non-refundable. 
  5. Outside food consumption is not allowed on campus and entering the main kitchen is prohibited too as we do not want to be blamed for food poisoning! 
  6. This Home Stay reserves the right of admission.
  7. Any damages occured by the customer will logically be paid for in full, by the customer. Puking or cigarette marks on linens, burning tables, etc. all fall under the category of damages.
  8. About the bonfire - on the house common bonfire if the property is 50-60% occupied. Separate bonfires will be arranged at an extra cost of 500 INR for 90 Mins of fuelwood. All bonfires must be put out by 10:00 pm latest irrelevant of the starting time.  

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