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'Life has a funny way of revealing itself, you just need to have a good sense of humour to pick it up. I always planned of inhabiting a cottage engulfed in the majestic arms of these godly creatures towards the latter part of my life when I would have saved some money and earned some respect. The retirement came too soon for I guess when the mountains love you back, they hold you like that lover when you are just about ready to leave.

For when I was working towards the conservation of snow leopards in Ladakh back in 2011, my father was working on his dream to build a mountain resort. The year 2016 was when we collaborated, fought and compromised, eventually realising the others vision which turned out to be quite a humbling experience - hopefully for both! The resort turned into a boutique home stay, the land turned lively and travelers grew our family! Welcome Home!'

- Gaurang.

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